1. What’s latanoprost

Latanoprost is a medication that treats excessive strain inside the attention. Elevated strain can injury your optic nerve and trigger imaginative and prescient loss or blindness. Your physician might give it to you when you’ve got glaucoma or excessive strain within the eye (ocular hypertension).

It is obtainable on prescription solely and comes as eyedrops, both in eyedrop bottles with a preservative in, or in single-dose droppers which can be preservative-free.

2. Informations clés

  • Latanoprost lowers the strain in your eye by lowering the build-up of fluids.
  • Normally you utilize latanoprost eyedrops as soon as a day.
  • The eyedrops ought to assist scale back the strain inside 3 to 4 hours.
  • Widespread unwanted side effects embrace everlasting eye color change, your eyelashes rising longer and thicker, and your eyes changing into extra delicate to gentle.
  • Latanoprost may also be mixed with one other medication (timolol) as a mixture eyedrop.

3. Who can and can’t use latanoprost

Latanoprost eyedrops can be utilized by adults and kids together with infants.

Latanoprost will not be appropriate for everybody. To verify it is protected for you, inform your physician earlier than beginning latanoprost if you happen to:

  • are allergic to latanoprost or any medication
  • are What’s to have or have had eye surgical procedure (together with cataract surgical procedure)
  • have eye issues (corresponding to eye ache, irritation, irritation or blurred imaginative and prescient) or dry eyes
  • have extreme bronchial asthma or your bronchial asthma will not be managed
  • put on contact lenses (you possibly can nonetheless use latanoprost, however you’ll need to take away your contact lens earlier than utilizing drops)
  • have ever had or at the moment have a viral an infection of the attention brought on by the herpes simplex virus (HSV)

4. How and when to make use of them

At all times use latanoprost eyedrops precisely as your physician instructed you.


The standard dose for adults and kids is 1 drop into the affected eye(s) as soon as a day. It is best to do that is within the night as latanoprost works higher then.

It comes as a bottle with a watch dropper or a field of single-use droppers.

Find out how to use eyedrops

  1. Wash your palms.
  2. For those who put on contact lenses, take away them earlier than utilizing your eyedrops. The drops might make your imaginative and prescient blurred if you happen to use them with contact lenses.
  3. In case you are utilizing a bottle, take away the lid. In case you are utilizing the single-use dropper, twist off the tip.
  4. Be sure that the dropper doesn’t contact something together with your eye, eyelashes, eyelid or your pores and skin.
  5. Use your finger to softly pull down your decrease eyelid and tilt your head again.
  6. Maintain the dropper over your eye, lookup, and permit 1 drop to fall into your decrease eyelid.
  7. Shut your eye. Gently press your finger over the within nook of your eye (over the eyelid) for What’s a minute. This helps maintain the drops in your eye.
  8. Wipe away any further liquid with a clear tissue.
  9. Repeat in your different eye if the physician has instructed you to do that. There may be sufficient liquid in 1 single-dose dropper to place a drop in each eyes if wanted.
  10. Put the cap again on the bottle or if you’re utilizing the single-dose dropper, throw it away.

For those who use latanoprost with different eyedrops wait a minimum of 5 minutes earlier than utilizing your different eyedrops. The second eyedrops can wash the latanoprost out and it could not work as effectively.

For those who put on contact lenses, wait quarter-hour earlier than placing your lenses again in your eyes.

Expiry dates

Use the latanoprost eyedrops throughout the expiry date on the bottle and inside 4 weeks of opening. This can assist to stop the chance of eye infections and the eyedrops not working so effectively.

The one-dose droppers are available a silver packet. When you open the packet, use the droppers inside 7 days. Don’t use the droppers after the expiry date.

You may write the date you opened the bottle or packet on the label or the field. This can assist you recognize when you could begin utilizing a brand new one.

What if I neglect to make use of it?

For those who neglect a dose by greater than a few hours, skip the missed dose and use your eyedrops as regular the subsequent day.

By no means use 2 doses on the identical time. By no means use an additional dose to make up for a forgotten one.

For those who usually neglect doses, it could assist to set an alarm to remind you. You may ask your pharmacist for recommendation on different methods to recollect your medicines.

What if I exploit an excessive amount of?

Utilizing too many drops can irritate your eye and make it water and switch pink. This could get higher, however if you’re fearful What’s it ask your physician or pharmacist for recommendation.

Contact your physician if you happen to swallow latanoprost unintentionally and really feel unwell.

5. Negative effects

Like all medicines, latanoprost may cause unwanted side effects, however not everybody will get them.

Widespread unwanted side effects

These widespread unwanted side effects occur in as much as 1 in 10 individuals.

Hold utilizing the medication, however speak to your physician or pharmacist if these unwanted side effects hassle you or don’t go away:

  • change in eye color – often seen inside 8 months of utilizing the eyedrops. This color change will be everlasting and could also be extra apparent if you’re solely utilizing the eyedrops in 1 eye.
  • redness of the attention, infected eyelid (blepharitis) or eye an infection (conjunctivitis)
  • irritated eye and eye ache (burning, itching, stinging or a sense as if one thing’s in your eye)
  • modifications to your eyelashes (rising longer and thicker)
  • sensitivity to gentle (photophobia)

Effets secondaires indésirables critiques

The next unwanted side effects are uncommon and will have an effect on 1 in 1,000 individuals.

Don’t use any extra latanoprost and name a health care provider right away if you happen to get:

  • wheezing, problem in respiration (bronchial asthma or worsening of bronchial asthma)
  • quick coronary heart charge (palpitations)

Speedy motion required: Name 999 if:

  • you might have chest ache

Réponse allergique critique

In uncommon circumstances, it is potential to have a critical allergic response (anaphylaxis) to latanoprost.

Speedy motion required:

  • you get a pores and skin rash that will embrace itchy, pink, swollen, blistered or peeling pores and skin
  • vous sifflez
  • vous ressentez une sensation d'oppression dans la poitrine ou la gorge
  • you might have hassle respiration or speaking
  • votre bouche, votre visage, vos lèvres, votre langue ou votre gorge commencent à gonfler

You may be having a critical allergic response and might have speedy remedy in hospital. These aren’t all of the unwanted side effects of latanoprost. For a full listing see the leaflet inside your medicines packet.

You possibly can report any suspected facet impact to the UK security scheme.

6. Comment gérer les effets secondaires indésirables

What to do What’s:

  • change in eye color – speak to your physician earlier than you begin utilizing latanoprost if you’re fearful What is that this
  • irritation of the eyes – if throughout the first 7 days of utilizing latanoprost the eyedrops irritate your eyes and make them water a lot that you simply need to cease utilizing the drops, speak to your physician right away. They might prescribe one thing totally different for you
  • modifications to your eyelashes – your eyelashes often return to regular after you cease utilizing latanoprost. Speak to your pharmacist or physician if you’re fearful What is that this

7. Être enceinte et allaiter

It is vital that your glaucoma is handled when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your physician might prescribe latanoprost if the advantages of the medication outweigh the dangers. They’ll aid you resolve what the very best remedy is for you and your child.

For extra info What’s how medicines to deal with glaucoma can have an effect on you and your child throughout being pregnant, learn this leaflet What’s treating glaucoma in being pregnant on the Finest Use of Medicines in Being pregnant (BUMPS) web site.


For security, inform your pharmacist, midwife or physician if you happen to’re making an attempt to get pregnant, already pregnant, otherwise you’re breastfeeding.

8. Précautions avec différents médicaments

There are some medicines that don’t combine effectively with latanoprost and might have an effect on how effectively it really works.

Inform your physician if you’re utilizing eyedrops that work in the same option to latanoprost together with:

  • tafluprost
  • travoprost
  • bimatoprost

For those who use 2 of those medicines (together with latanoprost) collectively they’ll improve the strain in your eye.

Mixing latanoprost with natural cures or dietary supplements

There’s little or no info What’s taking natural medicines and dietary supplements with latanoprost.


For security, inform your physician or pharmacist if you happen to’re taking another medicines, together with natural medicines, nutritional vitamins or dietary supplements.


  1. Comment ça marche?

    Latanoprost is from a gaggle of medicines referred to as prostaglandins. It really works by rising the pure circulation of liquid from inside your eye into your bloodstream. This lowers the strain inside your eye and stops your sight getting worse.

  2. Combien de temps faut-il pour travailler ?

    La tension dans vos yeux commencera à diminuer 3 à 4 heures après l'utilisation des gouttes pour les yeux. Le latanoprost atteint son plein impact après 8 à 12 heures, la tension réduite durera au moins 24 heures.

  3. Combien de temps vais-je l'exploiter ?

    You’ll often use latanoprost for the remainder of your life. Nonetheless, if it doesn’t work effectively sufficient your physician might suggest a unique remedy.

    It is vital to make use of your eyedrops frequently and go for check-ups, to cease your eyesight getting worse.

  4. Puis-je le prendre très longtemps ?

    Bien sûr, vous pouvez le latanoprost pendant très longtemps. La plupart des gens le prennent pendant quelques années sans aucun problème.

  5. Puis-je boire de l'alcool avec ?

    Bien sûr, vous pouvez éventuellement boire de l'alcool avec du latanoprost.

  6. Y a-t-il des repas ou des boissons que je dois éviter ?

    Vous pouvez manger et boire régulièrement pendant que vous prenez du latanoprost.

  7. Cela aura-t-il un effet sur ma contraception ?

    Latanoprost doesn’t cease contraceptive capsules working, together with the mixed capsule or emergency contraception.

  8. Cela aura-t-il un effet sur ma fertilité?

    There is no clear proof to recommend that taking latanoprost will scale back fertility in both males or ladies.
    Nonetheless, communicate to a pharmacist or your physician earlier than taking it if you happen to’re making an attempt to get pregnant.

  9. Puis-je conduire ou voyager en moto ?

    You might need blurred imaginative and prescient within the first few days of utilizing latanoprost, or after you’ve got simply put the drops in. If this occurs to you, don’t drive a automotive, trip a motorbike, or use instruments or equipment till you possibly can see clearly once more.

    Many individuals with glaucoma can proceed driving a automotive or bike, however their eyesight should be as much as the Driving and Automobile Licensing Company (DVLA)’s requirements. GOV.UK has extra info on glaucoma and driving.

  10. Le latanoprost peut-il aggraver les problèmes cardiaques ?

    In uncommon circumstances, a facet impact of latanoprost will be chest ache (angina) and a quick coronary heart charge (palpitations).

    Nonetheless, when you’ve got an current coronary heart situation corresponding to atrial fibrillation, there are not any experiences of latanoprost making it worse.

Associated circumstances

  • Glaucoma

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  • Royal Nationwide Institute of Blind Folks (RNIB): charity
  • Worldwide Glaucoma Affiliation
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