1. About domperidone

Domperidone is an anti-sickness medication. It lets you cease feeling or being sick (nausea or vomiting). It will also be used to deal with abdomen ache in the event you’re having finish of life care (palliative care).

Domperidone is usually used to extend milk provide. Your physician might prescribe it in the event you’re having bother breastfeeding however provided that different issues haven’t labored. Domperidone comes as tablets or as a liquid that you just swallow.

It’s accessible on prescription solely. Additionally it is identified by the model title Motilium.

2. Schlüsselinfo

  • You often take domperidone whenever you want it, as much as 3 instances a day.
  • It really works finest in the event you take it earlier than meals.
  • The most typical aspect impact of domperidone is a dry mouth.
  • It’s usually prescribed for a short while solely (often as much as 1 week).

3. Who can and can’t take domperidone

Domperidone will be taken by most adults, and youngsters aged 12 years and older. It’s generally prescribed for infants and youthful youngsters by a specialist physician. Domperidone just isn’t appropriate for some folks.

Inform your physician or pharmacist earlier than taking this medication in the event you:

  • have ever had an allergic response to domperidone or another medication
  • weigh lower than 35kg
  • have a situation that may trigger a bowel obstruction, resembling Crohn’s illness or diverticulitis
  • have just lately had belly surgical procedure, resembling a hernia operation or caesarean part
  • have ever had bleeding out of your abdomen or intestine
  • have a tumour in your pituitary gland
  • have liver, kidney or coronary heart issues, or an irregular heartbeat
  • Domperidone is probably not appropriate for folks over the age of 60. It’s because there’s extra threat of unwanted side effects.

4. Wie und wann es einzunehmen ist

  • All the time observe a health care provider’s directions when taking domperidone.
  • Take it whenever you want it to assist together with your signs.
  • It is best to have domperidone earlier than meals.
  • Take it 15 to half-hour earlier than you’ve a meal or snack.

Tablets: take the pill entire with a drink of water. Don’t crush or chew it.

Liquid: the medication comes with an oral syringe that can assist you measure your dose. When you should not have a syringe, ask a pharmacist for one. Don’t use a kitchen teaspoon, as this won’t provide the correct amount.


The standard dose for adults and youngsters aged 12 years and older is one 10mg pill (or 10ml of liquid).

You possibly can take domperidone as much as 3 instances a day, in the event you want it. Area doses evenly all through the day, a minimum of 8 hours aside.

When you overlook to take it

When you overlook to take domperidone, take it as quickly as you keep in mind. If it is virtually time in your subsequent dose, skip the missed dose and take the subsequent one on the typical time.

By no means take 2 doses on the identical time. Don’t take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.

When you take an excessive amount of

Taking an excessive amount of domperidone will be harmful. When you by chance take greater than your prescribed dose, chances are you’ll get a quick or irregular heartbeat.

Pressing recommendation: Contact 111 for recommendation if:

  • you’re taking an excessive amount of domperidone
  • Go to 111.nhs.uk or name 111
  • If you want to go to A&E, don’t drive your self. Get another person to drive you or name for an ambulance.
  • Take the domperidone packet, or the leaflet inside it, plus any remaining medication with you.

5. Unbeabsichtigte Wirkungen

Like all medicines, domperidone could cause unwanted side effects, though not everybody will get them.

Greater than 1 in 100 folks will get a dry mouth. This widespread aspect impact is often delicate and goes away by itself.

Kritische unerwünschte Nebenwirkungen

Critical unwanted side effects are uncommon.

Inform a health care provider straightaway if:

  • your muscular tissues or eyes begin transferring in an uncommon or uncontrolled means
  • you’ve issues peeing

Eilgang erforderlich:

  • you’ve a seizure or match
  • you’ve a quick or irregular heartbeat

Kritische allergische Reaktion

In uncommon circumstances, it is doable to have a severe allergic response (anaphylaxis) to domperidone.

Eilgang erforderlich:

  • Sie einen Hautausschlag bekommen, der juckende, purpurrote, geschwollene, bläschende oder sich abschälende Poren und Haut umfasst
  • du keuchst
  • Sie bekommen Engegefühl in der Brust oder im Hals
  • Sie haben Probleme beim Atmen oder Sprechen
  • Ihr Mund, Gesicht, Lippen, Zunge oder Rachen beginnen anzuschwellen
  • Möglicherweise haben Sie eine schwere allergische Reaktion und können im Krankenhaus schnell Abhilfe schaffen.
  • These should not all of the unwanted side effects of domperidone. For a full record, see the leaflet inside your medication packet.

Die Info:

You possibly can report any suspected aspect impact to the UK security scheme.

6. Umgang mit unerwünschten Nebenwirkungen

Was tun gegen:

dry mouth – strive chewing sugar-free gum or sucking a sugar-free candy

7. Schwanger sein und stillen

Domperidone just isn’t often advisable in being pregnant.

Discover out extra about how domperidone can have an effect on you and your child throughout being pregnant from the Greatest Use of Medicines in Being pregnant (BUMPs) web site.

Domperidone and breastfeeding

Domperidone just isn’t often advisable when breastfeeding, because it passes into breast milk in small quantities. Speak to a health care provider, as different medicines is perhaps higher.

In case your child was untimely, had a low start weight or has well being issues, communicate to a health care provider earlier than taking any anti-sickness medication.

Domperidone is usually used to extend milk provide. Nonetheless, there may be some proof that it can provide a child an irregular heartbeat. Speak to a health care provider about the advantages and doable dangers of taking domperidone when breastfeeding.

When you take domperidone whereas breastfeeding and also you discover something uncommon together with your child, resembling sleeping greater than typical, speak to a well being customer or physician as quickly as doable.

Non-urgent recommendation: Inform a health care provider in the event you’re:

  • versuchen, schwanger zu werden
  • schwanger
  • Stillen

8. Vorsicht bei verschiedenen Medikamenten

Some medicines and domperidone can intrude with one another. This will likely enhance your probability of getting unwanted side effects.

Inform a health care provider or pharmacist in the event you’re taking:

  • antidepressants or antipsychotic medicines
  • antibiotics or medicines for fungal infections
  • medicines for malaria
  • medicines for HIV an infection
  • medicines for a coronary heart situation or hypertension
  • medicines for most cancers, or having remedy for most cancers

Is it secure to take with different anti-sickness medicines?

It is often finest to solely take 1 kind of medication for feeling or being sick. If domperidone doesn’t be just right for you, communicate to a health care provider. They could need to suggest a distinct medication.

Mixing domperidone with natural treatments or dietary supplements

Some natural treatments could make your unwanted side effects worse. Communicate to your pharmacist earlier than taking any natural medicines.


Inform a health care provider or pharmacist in the event you’re taking another medicines, together with natural treatments, nutritional vitamins or dietary supplements.

9. Häufige Fragen

  1. Wie funktioniert es?

    Domperidone works by blocking the messages that cross between your digestive system and your mind. It causes the muscular tissues on the entrance of your abdomen to tighten and the muscular tissues on the exit of your abdomen to loosen up. This makes you much less more likely to be sick (vomit).

    Domperidone additionally blocks messages between components of your mind referred to as the chemoreceptor set off zone (CTZ) and the vomiting centre. This stops you feeling sick (nauseous) and prevents you from vomiting.

  2. Wie lange dauert die Arbeit?

    Domperidon sollte in etwa 30 bis 60 Minuten zu wirken beginnen.

  3. Wie lange werde ich es nehmen?

    It is strongly recommended that you just take domperidone for the shortest doable time and on the lowest dose that works for you. You’ll often take it for as much as every week.

    It’s because domperidone could cause an irregular heartbeat in the event you take it for longer or at a excessive dose.

  4. Warum ist Domperidon für Kinder unter 12 Jahren oft nicht empfehlenswert?

    Current analysis reveals that domperidone doesn’t truly assist when infants or younger youngsters are feeling or being sick (nausea or vomiting) on account of a abdomen bug. This medication has additionally been linked to coronary heart issues in a small variety of folks.

    For these causes, domperidone just isn’t often advisable for kids below the age of 12 years. Nonetheless, it’s generally prescribed for infants and youthful youngsters to assist with different varieties of nausea, vomiting and reflux.

  5. Wie schneidet es mit vergleichbaren Medikamenten ab?

    Domperidone belongs to a gaggle of anti-sickness medicines referred to as anti-emetics. Anti-emetics work in the same means to one another. Nonetheless, domperidone is much less more likely to make you are feeling drained.

    There are different medicines that may assist with illness. These embrace metoclopramide, ondansetron, cyclizine and promethazine. If domperidone just isn’t working for you, ask a health care provider or a pharmacist for recommendation. They could need to suggest a distinct medication.

  6. Kann ich damit Alkohol trinken?

    It’s best to keep away from alcohol when taking domperidone. Consuming alcohol could make unwanted side effects worse, resembling sleepiness or an irregular heartbeat.

  7. Gibt es irgendwelche Mahlzeiten oder Getränke, von denen ich mich fernhalten sollte?

    Other than avoiding alcohol, you may eat and drink usually whereas taking domperidone. It’s best to take your medication 15 to half-hour earlier than meals.

  8. Wird es einen Einfluss auf meine Empfängnisverhütung haben?

    Domperidone doesn’t have an effect on any kind of contraception, together with the mixed capsule and emergency contraception. Nonetheless, if domperidone just isn’t working for you and also you vomit, your contraceptive capsules might not shield you from being pregnant.

    Take a look at the capsule packet to seek out out what to do. Discover out what to do in the event you’re on the capsule and also you’re sick or have diarrhoea.

  9. Wird es einen Einfluss auf meine Fruchtbarkeit haben?

    Domperidone doesn’t have an effect on male or feminine fertility.

  10. Darf ich Motorrad fahren oder fahren?

    Don’t drive a automobile or journey a motorbike if domperidone makes you sleepy, or in case you have an irregular heartbeat attributable to taking domperidone. This can be extra doubtless whenever you first begin taking domperidone, however may occur at any time (for instance, when beginning one other medication).

    It is an offence to drive a automobile in case your capability to drive safely is affected. It is your duty to determine if it is secure to drive. When you’re in any doubt, don’t drive. GOV.UK has extra data on the regulation on medicine and driving.

    Speak to a health care provider or pharmacist in the event you’re not sure whether or not it is secure so that you can drive whereas taking domperidone.

  11. Warum ist Domperidon in den USA nicht erhältlich?

    Domperidone has by no means been formally accepted by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to be used within the USA. In 2004 the FDA advised pharmacies that have been importing domperidone into the USA that they may not achieve this.

    It’s because taking domperidone could cause an irregular heartbeat.

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