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1. About amlodipine

Amlodipine is a medication used to deal with hypertension (hypertension). In case you have hypertension, taking amlodipine helps stop future coronary heart illness, coronary heart assaults and strokes.

Amlodipine can be used to stop chest ache attributable to coronary heart illness (angina). This medication is barely accessible on prescription. It comes as tablets or as a liquid to swallow.

2. Key info

Amlodipine lowers your blood stress and makes it simpler in your coronary heart to pump blood round your physique.

It is typical to take amlodipine as soon as a day. You possibly can take it at any time of day, however strive to ensure it is across the identical time every day.

The most typical unwanted side effects embrace headache, flushing, feeling drained and swollen ankles. These often enhance after a couple of days.

Amlodipine will be referred to as amlodipine besilate, amlodipine maleate or amlodipine mesilate. It’s because the medication comprises one other chemical to make it simpler in your physique to take up and use it. It would not matter what your amlodipine is named. All of them work in addition to one another.

Amlodipine can be referred to as by the model names Istin and Amlostin.

3. Who can and can’t take amlodipine

Amlodipine will be taken by adults and youngsters aged 6 years and over. Amlodipine just isn’t appropriate for some folks.

To ensure amlodipine is secure for you, inform your physician in the event you:

  • have had an allergic response to amlodipine or another medicines prior to now
  • are attempting to get pregnant, are already pregnant otherwise you’re breastfeeding
  • have liver or kidney illness
  • have coronary heart failure or you’ve just lately had a coronary heart assault

4. How and when to take it

Take amlodipine precisely as your physician has advised you, and observe the instructions on the label. When you’re undecided, examine together with your physician or pharmacist.

It is typical to take amlodipine as soon as a day. You possibly can take amlodipine at any time of day, however strive to ensure it is across the identical time every single day.

How a lot to take

Amlodipine comes as 5mg and 10mg tablets. Relying on why you are taking amlodipine, the standard beginning dose is 5mg as soon as a day.

If the beginning dose is not working effectively sufficient (your blood stress would not decrease sufficient, or your angina is not managed), chances are you’ll want to extend your dose to 10mg.

To determine the proper dose for you in the long run, your physician will examine your blood stress to ensure it is not too excessive or too low. They’re going to additionally ask in the event you’re getting any unwanted side effects from the medication. Doses could also be decrease for kids.

How you can take it

  • You possibly can take amlodipine with or with out meals.
  • Swallow amlodipine tablets entire with a drink of water. If it is simpler, you may dissolve the tablets in a glass of water, however you should drink all of it right away in the event you do that.
  • Don’t eat or drink a number of grapefruit or grapefruit juice whilst you’re taking this medication. Grapefruit can enhance the focus of amlodipine in your physique and worsen unwanted side effects.
  • When you’re taking amlodipine as a liquid, it will include a plastic syringe or spoon that can assist you measure out the correct dose. If you do not have one, ask your pharmacist for one.
  • Don’t use a kitchen teaspoon because it won’t give the correct quantity of medication.
  • Don’t combine the liquid with meals or different drinks earlier than taking it.


Take amlodipine even in the event you really feel effectively, as you may nonetheless be getting the advantages of the medication.

What if I overlook to take it?

  • When you overlook to take a dose of amlodipine, take it as quickly as you do not forget that day after which stick with it as regular.
  • When you overlook to take the dose for the entire day, skip the missed dose and stick with it as regular the subsequent day.
  • Don’t take a double dose to make up for a forgotten one.
  • When you overlook doses typically, it could assist to set an alarm to remind you.
  • You may additionally ask your pharmacist for recommendation on different methods that can assist you keep in mind to take your medication.

What if I take an excessive amount of?

When you take an excessive amount of amlodipine by chance, contact your physician or go to your nearest hospital right away. An overdose of amlodipine could cause dizziness and sleepiness. The quantity of amlodipine that may result in an overdose varies from individual to individual.

Pressing recommendation: Name your physician or go to A&E right away if:

  • you’re taking an excessive amount of amlodipine
  • If you want to go to an A&E, don’t drive your self. Get another person to drive you or name for an ambulance.
  • Take the amlodipine packet or leaflet inside it, plus any remaining medication, with you.

5. Unintended effects

Like all medicines, amlodipine could cause unwanted side effects, though not everybody will get them.

Unintended effects typically enhance as your physique will get used to the medication.

Frequent unwanted side effects

These widespread unwanted side effects occur in additional than 1 in 100 folks. They’re often delicate and short-lived.

Speak to your physician or pharmacist if the unwanted side effects hassle you or final for various days:

  • complications
  • feeling dizzy
  • flushing
  • a pounding heartbeat
  • swollen ankles

Critical unwanted side effects

Critical unwanted side effects after taking amlodipine are uncommon and occur in lower than 1 in 10,000 folks.

Name a health care provider right away in the event you get:

  • abdomen issues – extreme ache in your abdomen, with or with out bloody diarrhoea, feeling sick and being sick (nausea and vomiting) will be indicators of pancreatitis
  • yellow pores and skin or the whites of your eyes flip yellow – this generally is a signal of liver issues
  • chest ache that is new or worse – this must be checked out as chest ache is a doable symptom of a coronary heart assault

Critical allergic response

In uncommon circumstances, it is doable to have a severe allergic response (anaphylaxis) to amlodipine.

Rapid motion required:

  • you get a pores and skin rash which will embrace itchy, crimson, swollen, blistered or peeling pores and skin
  • you are wheezing
  • you get tightness within the chest or throat
  • you’ve bother respiratory or speaking
  • your mouth, face, lips, tongue or throat begin swelling
  • You may be having a severe allergic response and may have quick remedy in hospital.
  • These aren’t all of the unwanted side effects of amlodipine.

For a full record, see the leaflet inside your medication packet.


You possibly can report any suspected aspect impact utilizing the Yellow Card security scheme.

Go to Yellow Card for additional data.

6. How to deal with unwanted side effects

What to do about:

complications – ensure you relaxation and drink loads of fluids. Don’t drink an excessive amount of alcohol. Ask your pharmacist to suggest a painkiller. Complications ought to often go away after the primary week of taking amlodipine. Speak to your physician in the event that they last more than every week or are extreme.

feeling dizzy – if amlodipine makes you are feeling dizzy, cease what you are doing and sit or lie down till you are feeling higher.

flushing – strive reducing down on espresso, tea and alcohol. It’d assist to maintain the room cool and use a fan. You may additionally spray your face with cool water or sip chilly or iced drinks. The flushing ought to go away after a couple of days. If it would not go away or it is inflicting you issues, contact your physician.

a pounding heartbeat – if this occurs recurrently after you’re taking your medication, attempt to take amlodipine at a time when you may sit down (or lie down) when the signs are at their worst. It might assist to chop down on alcohol, smoking, caffeine and large meals as these might make the issue worse. When you’re nonetheless having issues after every week, communicate to your physician as they could want to alter you to a distinct kind of medication.

swollen ankles – increase your legs whenever you’re sitting down.

7. Being pregnant and breastfeeding

Amlodipine just isn’t usually advisable in being pregnant or when breastfeeding.

When you’re attempting to get pregnant otherwise you’re already pregnant, speak to your physician about the advantages and doable harms of taking amlodipine. There could also be different medicines which are safer for you.

For extra details about how amlodipine can have an effect on you and your child throughout being pregnant, learn this leaflet on the Greatest Use of Medicines in Being pregnant (BUMPS) web site.

Amlodipine and breastfeeding

Small quantities of amlodipine might get into breast milk, nevertheless it’s not identified if that is dangerous to the newborn. Speak to your physician as different medicines is perhaps higher whilst you’re breastfeeding.

Non-urgent recommendation: Inform your physician in the event you’re:

  • attempting to get pregnant
  • pregnant
  • breastfeeding

8. Cautions with different medicines

When you take different medicines that decrease blood stress, resembling ramipril or lisinopril, concurrently amlodipine, the mixture can generally decrease your blood stress an excessive amount of.

This will likely make you are feeling dizzy or faint. If this retains taking place to you, inform your physician as your dose might should be modified. Some medicines can intrude with the way in which amlodipine works.

Inform your physician in the event you’re taking any of those medicines earlier than beginning amlodipine:

  • the antibiotics clarithromycin, erythromycin or rifampicin
  • medicines for hypertension, together with diltiazem and verapamil
  • the antifungals itraconazole or ketoconazole
  • medicines to deal with HIV or HCV (hepatitis C virus)
  • the anti-epilepsy medicines carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital (phenobarbitone) or primidone
  • medicines to suppress your immune system, resembling ciclosporin or tacrolimus
  • greater than 20mg a day of the cholesterol-lowering medication simvastatin

Mixing amlodipine with natural treatments or dietary supplements

St John’s wort, a natural medication taken for despair, is assumed to intrude with the way in which amlodipine works.

Speak to your physician in the event you’re interested by taking St John’s wort.

Necessary: Medication security

Inform your physician or pharmacist in the event you’re taking another medicines, together with natural medicines, nutritional vitamins or dietary supplements.

9. Frequent questions

  1. How does amlodipine work?

    Amlodipine is a sort of medication referred to as a calcium channel blocker. Like different calcium channel blockers, amlodipine works in hypertension by enjoyable and widening blood vessels.

    This lowers your blood stress and makes it simpler in your coronary heart to pump blood round your physique.
    In angina, amlodipine works by enhancing the blood provide to your coronary heart.

    Angina is chest ache that comes on when not sufficient blood will get to the muscular tissues of the guts. It often occurs as a result of the arteries to the guts turn into hardened and narrowed. Amlodipine widens the arteries so extra oxygen will get to the guts and chest ache is prevented.

  2. How lengthy does amlodipine take to work?

    Amlodipine begins to work on the day you begin taking it, however, it could take a few weeks for full impact. When you’re taking amlodipine for hypertension, chances are you’ll not have any signs. In these circumstances, chances are you’ll not really feel any totally different whenever you take amlodipine.

    This doesn’t suggest that the medication is not working – and it is vital to maintain taking it. When you’re taking amlodipine for angina, it will most likely take a few weeks earlier than you are feeling higher.

    Till then, you may nonetheless have bouts of chest ache, and chances are you’ll even discover the ache will get worse to begin with.

    Be sure to have your medication (spray or tablets) for treating angina assaults with you always, and use it if you want to.

  3. How lengthy will I take it for?

    Normally, remedy with amlodipine is long run, even for the remainder of your life.

  4. Is amlodipine secure to take for a very long time?

    Amlodipine is mostly secure to take for a very long time. In actual fact, it really works finest whenever you take it for a very long time.

  5. What’s going to occur if I cease taking it?

    Speak to your physician if you wish to cease taking amlodipine. Stopping amlodipine might trigger your blood stress to rise, and this may occasionally enhance your threat of coronary heart assault and stroke.

    When you’re bothered by unwanted side effects, your physician might be able to prescribe you a distinct medication.

  6. Can I come off amlodipine now my blood stress is decreased?

    Even when your blood stress is efficiently lowered by amlodipine, it is best to hold on taking it.

    When you cease taking amlodipine, your blood stress may rise again up once more.

    When you want blood pressure-lowering medicines, you may most likely must take them for the remainder of your life.

    Bear in mind, by protecting your blood stress low, you are defending your self in opposition to having a coronary heart assault or stroke sooner or later.

  7. Can I drink alcohol with it?

    Sure, you may drink alcohol with amlodipine. However ingesting alcohol can enhance the blood pressure-lowering impact of amlodipine, which might make you are feeling sleepy, dizzy or convey on a headache.

    If this occurs to you, it is best to cease ingesting alcohol whilst you’re taking amlodipine.

  8. Are there comparable medicines to amlodipine?

    There are a number of different calcium channel blockers that work in the identical means as amlodipine. They embrace nifedipine, felodipine, lacidipine and lercanidipine.

    There are different calcium channel blockers, resembling diltiazem and verapamil, that produce other results on the guts.

    There are additionally a number of different varieties of medicines to decrease your blood stress or deal with chest ache.

    They work otherwise from calcium channel blockers and embrace: ACE inhibitors – for instance, ramipril and lisinopril angiotensin receptor blockers – for instance, candesartan beta-blockers – for instance, bisoprolol
    tablets that make you pee extra (diuretics) – for instance, bendroflumethiazide.

    If you cannot take amlodipine or different calcium channel blockers due to unwanted side effects, you might be able to swap to a different blood pressure-lowering medication. Your physician will advise which one is finest for you relying upon your age, ethnicity and medical historical past.

  9. Is amlodipine addictive?

    No, there isn’t any proof that amlodipine is addictive.

  10. What are the variations between amlodipine and different calcium channel blockers?

    Amlodipine works in addition to different calcium channel blockers for hypertension and angina. The unwanted side effects are additionally much like different calcium channel blockers.

    There are some variations, although, between amlodipine and different calcium channel blockers: Diltiazem and verapamil produce other results on the guts. These calcium channel blockers are used for different coronary heart issues and can even produce other unwanted side effects.

    You solely must take amlodipine as soon as a day, however another calcium channel blockers should be taken extra typically.

  11. Will it have an effect on my contraception?

    Amlodipine won’t have an effect on your contraception. However some varieties of hormonal strategies of contraception, just like the mixed capsule and contraceptive patch, should not often advisable for girls with hypertension. Speak to your physician in the event you’re taking mixed hormonal contraceptives.

  12. Will it have an effect on my fertility?

    There is not any agency proof to recommend that taking amlodipine will cut back fertility in both males or girls.
    There have been a couple of reviews that calcium channel blockers might cut back the fertility of males who’re attempting to father a baby by IVF.

    Nothing particular has been confirmed, nevertheless it’s thought calcium channel blockers might briefly alter sperm. Speak to your fertility specialist in the event you’re anxious

  13. Is there any meals or drink I must keep away from?

    Don’t eat or drink a number of grapefruit or grapefruit juice. It’s because grapefruit can enhance the focus of amlodipine in your physique and worsen unwanted side effects.

    Inform your physician in case you have any elevated unwanted side effects, resembling dizziness, flushing or a headache after consuming grapefruit or ingesting grapefruit juice. In any other case, you may eat and drink usually whereas taking amlodipine.

  14. Can I drive or journey a motorbike?

    Amlodipine could make some folks really feel dizzy. If this occurs to you, don’t drive a automobile, journey a motorbike, or use instruments or equipment till you are feeling higher.

  15. Can life-style adjustments assist?

    You possibly can increase the well being of your coronary heart by making some key life-style adjustments.

    These may also assist in case you have hypertension or angina:
    give up smoking – smoking will increase your coronary heart fee and blood stress. Quitting smoking brings down your blood stress and relieves coronary heart failure signs. Attempt to keep away from secondhand smoke, too.

    minimize down on alcohol – ingesting an excessive amount of alcohol raises blood stress over time. It makes coronary heart failure worse, too. Attempt to maintain to the advisable tips of not more than 14 models of alcohol every week. An ordinary glass of wine (175ml) is 2 models. A pint of lager or beer is often 2 to three models of alcohol.

    train – common train lowers blood stress by protecting your coronary heart and blood vessels in good situation. It would not should be too energetic – strolling every single day will assist.

    eat effectively – goal to eat a food regimen that features loads of fruit and veg, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy merchandise, and lean proteins. It is a good suggestion to chop down on salt, too. Consuming an excessive amount of salt is the largest explanation for hypertension – the extra salt you eat, the upper your blood stress might be. The purpose for not more than 6g of salt a day.

    cope with stress – whenever you’re anxious or upset, your coronary heart beats sooner, you breathe extra closely, and your blood stress typically goes up. This will make coronary heart failure worse, too. Discover methods to cut back stress in your life. To present your coronary heart a relaxation, strive napping or placing your ft up when doable. Spend time with family and friends to be social and assist maintain stress at bay.

    vaccinations – in case you have coronary heart failure, it is advisable that you’ve got a flu jab yearly and a pneumonia vaccination (additionally referred to as the pneumococcal vaccine) each 5 years. Ask your physician about these vaccinations. You possibly can have them free on the NHS.

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