1. What’s loratadine

Loratadine is an antihistamine medication that relieves the signs of allergy symptoms. It is used to deal with:

  • hay fever
  • conjunctivitis (pink itchy eyes)
  • eczema
  • hives (urticaria)

It is also used for reactions to insect bites and stings and for some meals allergy symptoms.

Loratadine is called a non-drowsy antihistamine. It is a lot much less more likely to make you are feeling sleepy than another antihistamines.

Loratadine is accessible on prescription. You may also purchase it from pharmacies and supermarkets.

It comes as tablets or as a liquid that you simply swallow.

2. Belangrijke informatie

  • It is regular to take loratadine as soon as a day.
  • Loratadine is classed as a non-drowsy antihistamine, however some individuals nonetheless discover it makes them really feel barely sleepy.
  • Youngsters might also have a headache and really feel drained or nervous after taking loratadine.
  • It is best to not drink alcohol when you’re taking loratadine as it could actually make you are feeling sleepy.
  • Loratadine can also be known as by the model names Clarityn Allergy and Clarityn Rapide Allergy.

3. Who can and can’t take loratadine

Loratadine will be taken by adults and kids aged 2 years and older.

Loratadine is not appropriate for some individuals. Inform your physician or pharmacist if you happen to:

  • have had an allergy to loratadine or another medicines prior to now
  • have extreme liver failure
  • have an intolerance to, or can’t take up, some sugars corresponding to lactose or sucrose
  • have epilepsy or one other sickness that places you vulnerable to matches
  • have a uncommon sickness known as porphyria
  • are booked to have an allergy take a look at – taking loratadine might have an effect on the outcomes so that you would possibly have to cease taking it a couple of days earlier than the take a look at

4. Hoe en wanneer in te nemen?

For those who or your youngster have been prescribed loratadine, comply with your physician’s directions What’s how and when to take it. For those who’ve purchased loratadine from a pharmacy or store, comply with the directions that include the packet.


Loratadine comes as 10mg tablets and as a liquid medication (labelled both 5mg/5ml or 1mg/1ml). You possibly can take loratadine with or with out meals.

The standard dose in adults is 10mg as soon as a day.

Doses are often decrease for individuals with liver issues.

For youngsters, your physician will use your kid’s weight or age to work out the proper dose.

Find out how to take it

Loratadine comes as 2 various kinds of pill – peculiar and melt-in-the-mouth tablets.

Swallow peculiar loratadine tablets with a drink of water, milk or juice. If the pill has a rating line, you possibly can break it in half if you happen to discover it exhausting to swallow it complete. Don’t chew it.

Soften-in-the-mouth tablets dissolve immediately in your tongue without having a drink. Watch out to not crush them whenever you take them out of the packet.

Loratadine liquid could also be simpler for kids to take than tablets. The drugs will include a plastic syringe or spoon that will help you measure out the proper dose. If you do not have a syringe or spoon, ask your pharmacist for one. Don’t use a kitchen teaspoon because it won’t give the correct amount.

Loratadine tablets and melt-in-the-mouth tablets should solely be taken by youngsters aged between 2 and 12 years in the event that they weigh 30kg or extra. Give youngsters loratadine liquid in the event that they weigh lower than 30kg.

When to take it

Chances are you’ll solely have to take loratadine on a day you might have signs, as an example if you happen to’ve been uncovered to a set off corresponding to animal hair. Or chances are you’ll have to take it frequently to stop signs, corresponding to hay fever throughout spring and summer season.

Wat als ik het niet neem?

Take your forgotten dose as quickly as you bear in mind, except it’s almost time in your subsequent dose. Don’t take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.

Voor degenen die gewoonlijk doses verwaarlozen, kan het helpen om een alarm in te stellen om u eraan te herinneren. U kunt uw apotheker ook om advies vragen over verschillende methoden die u kunnen helpen om uw medicatie in gedachten te houden.

Wat als ik te veel neem?

Loratadine is usually very protected. Taking an excessive amount of is unlikely to hurt you or your youngster.

For those who take an additional dose by mistake, you would possibly get a headache, have a speedy heartbeat or really feel sleepy. If this occurs otherwise you’re involved, contact your physician.

5. Negatieve effecten

Like all medicines, loratadine may cause unwanted side effects though not everybody will get them.

Wijdverbreide ongewenste bijwerkingen

The most typical facet impact of loratadine is feeling sleepy. This occurs in additional than 1 in 100 individuals.

Negative effects in youngsters might embrace:

  • complications
  • feeling drained
  • feeling nervous

Kritische allergische reactie

In uncommon circumstances, loratadine might trigger a critical allergic response (anaphylaxis).

Snelle beweging vereist: noem 999 of ga naar A&E als:

  • je krijgt poriën en huiduitslag die jeukende, roze, gezwollen, blaren of afbladderende poriën en huid zullen omarmen
  • je piept
  • je krijgt een beklemd gevoel in de borst of keel
  • je hebt misschien moeite met ademhalen of praten
  • uw mond, gezicht, lippen, tong of keel beginnen op te zwellen

Het kan zijn dat u een ernstige allergische reactie heeft en mogelijk snel in het ziekenhuis wordt behandeld.

These aren’t all of the unwanted side effects of loratadine. For a full listing see the leaflet inside your medicines packet.

6. Hoe om te gaan met ongewenste bijwerkingen?

Wat te doen Wat is:

  • slaperig voelen – attempt a unique non-drowsy antihistamine. If this does not assist, speak to your physician.
  • complications – relaxation and drink loads of fluids. Ask your pharmacist to suggest a painkiller. Complications ought to usually go away after the primary week of taking loratadine. Speak to your physician in the event that they last more or are extra extreme.
  • feeling drained or nervous – speak to your physician or pharmacist if these unwanted side effects do not go away as they are able to give you a unique antihistamine.

7. Zwanger zijn en borstvoeding geven

It is usually protected to take loratadine throughout being pregnant and whereas breastfeeding.

For extra info What’s how loratadine can have an effect on you and your child throughout being pregnant.

Loratadine and breastfeeding

It is often protected to take loratadine if you happen to’re breastfeeding as solely small quantities get into breast milk.

For those who’re breastfeeding and your child was untimely or has different well being issues, speak to your physician earlier than taking loratadine.

8. Waarschuwingen met verschillende medicijnen

Some medicines and loratadine intrude with one another and improve the possibilities of you having unwanted side effects.

Inform your physician if you happen to’re taking:

  • amiodarone, a medication used to deal with an irregular heartbeat
  • cimetidine, an indigestion medication
  • erythromycin, an antibiotic
  • ketoconazole, a medication to deal with fungal infections
  • midodrine, a medication used to deal with low blood strain
  • ritonavir, a medication used to deal with HIV an infection
  • any medication that makes you are feeling sleepy, offers you a dry mouth or makes it troublesome so that you can pee. Taking loratadine would possibly make these unwanted side effects worse

Mixing loratadine with natural cures and dietary supplements

There is perhaps an issue taking some natural cures and dietary supplements alongside loratadine – particularly ones that trigger sleepiness, a dry mouth or make it troublesome to pee.


Informeer uw arts of apotheker als u naast natuurlijke geneesmiddelen, voedingsvitaminen of voedingssupplementen nog andere geneesmiddelen gebruikt.

9. Wijdverbreide vragen

How does loratadine work?

Loratadine is a medication known as an antihistamine.

Once you come into contact with one thing you might have an allergy to, corresponding to pollen, animal hair or fur, home mud or insect bites, your physique produces a chemical known as histamine.

Normally histamine is a helpful substance however in an allergic response it causes disagreeable signs together with itchy, watery eyes, working or blocked nostril, sneezing and pores and skin rashes.

Loratadine blocks the results of histamine and so reduces these signs.

Wanneer ga ik me echt hoger voelen?

You must begin to really feel higher inside an hour.

How lengthy ought to I take loratadine for?

It is determined by why you take it.

Chances are you’ll solely have to take loratadine for a short while or as a one-off dose. When you’ve got a response to an insect chew, chances are you’ll solely have to take loratadine for a day or two.

Chances are you’ll have to take it for longer if you happen to’re taking it to stop signs from hay fever when the pollen depend is excessive.

Speak to your physician or pharmacist if you happen to’re undecided how lengthy you could take loratadine for.

Is it protected to take loratadine for a very long time?

Loratadine is unlikely to do you any hurt if you happen to take it for a very long time. Nonetheless, it is best to take loratadine solely for so long as you could.

Kan ik er alcohol bij drinken?

It is best to not drink alcohol when you’re taking loratadine, as it could actually make you are feeling sleepy.

Zijn er maaltijden of dranken waar ik vanaf moet blijven?

You possibly can eat and drink usually whereas taking loratadine.

Kan ik ermee rijden of motorrijden?

Loratadine is classed as a non-drowsy antihistamine however it’s nonetheless potential to really feel sleepy after taking it.

If this occurs to you, don’t drive a automotive or trip a motorbike till you are feeling higher.

What is the distinction between loratadine and different antihistamines?

Loratadine is called a non-drowsy antihistamine. It is much less more likely to make you are feeling sleepy than different, so-called, sedating antihistamines corresponding to Piriton (chlorphenamine).

Most individuals want to take a non-drowsy antihistamine as a substitute of a sedating one. One exception could also be whenever you need the medication to make you sleepy since you’ve acquired itchy pores and skin that is protecting you awake.

What is the distinction between loratadine and different non-drowsy antihistamines?

Different non-drowsy antihistamines like cetirizine, desloratadine, fexofenadine and levocetirizine appear to work in addition to loratadine.

Nonetheless, loratadine, desloratadine and fexofenadine appear to be much less more likely to make you are feeling sleepy than cetirizine.

Kan ik het met pijnstillers nemen?

Sure, you possibly can take loratadine along with paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Can I take multiple antihistamine collectively?

Typically docs suggest that individuals with extreme itchy pores and skin rash take 2 totally different antihistamines collectively for a couple of days.

In addition to taking a non-drowsy antihistamine like loratadine through the day, your physician might let you know to take a sedating antihistamine at night time if the itching is making it troublesome to sleep.

Don’t take 2 antihistamines collectively except really helpful by your physician.

Can I take loratadine with different hay fever remedies?

Sure, it is nice to take loratadine along with different kinds of hay fever remedy, for instance steroid nasal sprays (corresponding to Beconase, Rhinacort Aqua and Flixonase Nasules), or eyedrops.

Can I take loratadine at larger doses than on the packet?

Your physician would possibly recommend you or your youngster take the next dose of loratadine (as much as 4 instances the same old dose) for extreme itchy pores and skin rash or swelling beneath the pores and skin (angioedema).

Taking excessive doses of loratadine is not appropriate for everybody although.

Communicate to your physician if you happen to assume loratadine is not working for you.

Heeft het effect op mijn vruchtbaarheid?

There is no agency proof to recommend that taking loratidine will scale back fertility in both males or ladies. Nonetheless, communicate to a pharmacist or your physician earlier than taking it if you happen to’re making an attempt to get pregnant.

Heeft het effect op mijn anticonceptie?

Loratadine won’t have an effect on contraception together with the contraceptive capsule or emergency contraception.

Can life-style modifications relieve hay fever?

It would assist if you happen to do not spend an excessive amount of time outdoors if the pollen depend is excessive.

Ideas for whenever you’re outdoors

  • Don’t reduce grass or stroll on grass.
  • Put on wraparound sun shades to cease pollen stepping into your eyes.
  • Put Vaseline round your nostrils to assist entice pollen.
  • Bathe and alter your garments after you’ve got been outdoors to scrub off pollen.

Ideas for whenever you’re inside

  • Hold home windows and doorways shut as a lot as potential.
  • Vacuum frequently and dirt with a humid material.
  • Don’t maintain recent flowers in the home.
  • Don’t smoke or be round smoke because it makes hay fever signs worse.

Bijbehorende omstandigheden

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  • Conjunctivitis
  • Meals allergy
  • Hay fever
  • Hives
  • Insect bites and stings

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